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Organic-Based Granular Fertilisers

Organic-Based Granular Fertilisers

TE 5001P – TE 12:3:18 SP

3 – 4mm Organic based granular fertiliser. SP = Sulphate of Potash (K2 SO4) which is a source of both Potassium and Sulphur. Can be used for sports turf applications where soil analysis indicates that P (Potassium) levels are low. Also Ideal for Lettuce production under glass.

Application Rate - 14Kg/1000m2


TE 5004P TE Nitrell 21:1:0.45.

3 – 4mm Organic based granular fertiliser. Can be used as a top dressing, more often associated with Onion production. Organic fertilisers are associated with prolonging Onion “shelf life”.

Application Rate - 100Kg/1000m2


TE 5010P - TE 6:8:15 + 5Mg (Onion)

Organic Based fertiliser with a granule size of between 3 – 4mm. Ideal for Autumn and Winter applications for Outfield Turf sports where P, K and Mg levels are low. More often used “pre-season” or soil incorporated for Onion and Leek production.

Application rate – 35-70Kg/1000m2 (350 – 700Kg/Ha)


TE 4036P – TE 5:5:6 Fish, Blood and Bone.

Traditional Organic powdered fertiliser, with a multitude of uses from Turf, Trees, Fruit and Vegetables to Flowers and Bedding Plants. Slow nutrient release through the growing season.

Application rate = 50Kg/1000m2


TE 9016S – TE Poultry Pellets (Cat 2) – supplied in 20kg bag.

Organic fertiliser, a balanced source or Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K) and Phosphate (P). Ideal for Flower, Vegetable and Soft Fruit production. Also, can prove to be a beneficial sauce of nutrition when used as a Lawn feed.


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