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Amenity Turf

Amenity Turf

TE 8002L 3-6-6 + 1Fe

An autumn/winter fertiliser with a heightened Potassium content to give the plant strength to fight off any potential pathogen attack or stressful conditions. Low Nitrogen and Phosphate levels will slow the growth for the autumn/winter period so as not to flush and create week growth. The added iron will support the higher Potassium component to create a healthy plant heading into winter.

For use in the autumn/winter with added iron to green up and harden turf.

Apply at 30 litres per hectare diluted in 400-1000 litres water per hectare.  Can be applied every 6-8 weeks.


TE 8005L 12-0-6 + 0.4Fe

A good Nitrogen content to promote growth in the spring and summer period exactly when it is needed. Zero phosphate plus the presence of Potassium will encourage a healthy sward, in addition, zero phosphate will maintain Ph levels to reduce the risk of undesirable native grass species. The added iron will offer a degree of green up for the turf and give the essential nutrients for a healthy sward and give the turf a good base for the summer months.

For use in the spring/summer with added iron to repel moss.

Apply at 30 litres per hectare diluted in 400-1000 litres water per hectare.

Can be applied every 6-8 weeks


TE 8006L 15-3-3 + TE

A spring and summer fertiliser offering growth due to the high Nitrogen whilst including a balanced Phosphate and Potassium content for regular root growth and plant health. The trace element package will offer the turf all of the valuable nutrients that make the growth strong and sustainable.

For use in the spring/summer.

Apply at 30 litres per hectare diluted in 400-1000 Litres water per hectare.

Can be applied every 6-8 weeks


TE 8008L 16-3-10

A good all-round, all-season liquid fertiliser offering good levels of Nitrogen, Phosphates and Potassium. High Nitrogen and Potassium will ensure that enough Nitrogen will be available for good growth whilst the Potassium will ensure that that the growth will be healthy and strong. The Phosphate content will maintain strong root growth throughout the growing period.

For use in the spring/summer.

Apply at 30 litres per hectare diluted in 400-1000 litres of water per hectare.

Can be applied very 6-8 weeks


TE 8010L Liquid Iron (7%)

A high percentage liquid iron for strength of sward and supplementing the plant’s immune system to help in the defence against pathogen attack.  Liquid iron will also give a deep green colour to the turf for presentation purposes. The high iron content can also dissuade invasive plant species.

Apply at 30-60 litres per hectare in 600-1000 litres of water.


TE 8011L1 20-0-10 + SW + Humic Acid

A good zero phosphate fertiliser with high Nitrogen and Potassium levels for spring and summer. The Humic Acid benefits root growth and metabolism and can enhance seed generation through improving the soil.  Another attribute of Humic Acid is that it increases the buffering power of the soil and in sandy soils increases the capability to retain and  ability to take up nutrients. This can also add to the plant’s natural defences against pathogens. The seaweed is rich in trace minerals and contains carbohydrates which are essential building blocks in growing plants.

For use in the spring/summer

Apply at 20-40 litres per hectare in 400-1000 litres of water.