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Speciality Products

Speciality Products

TE 4800M - Weed Feed & Moss Killer (New) TE-10:2:1.7 + 8Fe + 2,4D + Dicamba + Mecoprop P.

MAPP 19064 licence – Mini-granular (1.5 to 3mm) size supplied in 20kg bags.  New formula Weed N feed plus Moss-killer, mini granule fertiliser (1.5 to 3.0 mm size), application rate of 32g/m2. Recommended maximum of 2 applications per annum.



TE 4756P – Lawn Sand and Moss killer. TE-4:0:0 +3Fe.

Feeds and Nourishes to create a healthier tidier and greener turf while controlling moss. In season applications between late Spring (or after the danger of late frosts) and early Autumn, water in 3-4 days after application if no rain has fallen. Allow 10 to 14 days, or until all moss has turned black before scarifying. Contains Ferric Sulphate (Fe2O12S3) and Ammonium Sulphate (H8N2O4S) and fine sand. Supplied in 20kg bags.

Application Rate 80g/m2


TE 3988G – Pre-Seed Fertiliser TE-6:9:6

Formulation rich in Phosphate (P) to encourage seed germination and establish new seedling growth. Potash (K) helps young seedlings to resist foliar diseases, Nitrogen (N) levels provide nutrient essential for growth and metabolic processes. Can be applied prior, during or immediately post seed application, caution! Can cause scorching on young grass plants, always water in if applying to young establishing plants.

Application Rate 35 – 70Kg/1000m2 – (350 -700kg/Ha)


Microbial Fertilisers

TE 4655P – TE-8:0:0 +1Fe

Sand based dressing, with added organic humates to stimulate microbial activity, encourages the development of stronger and deeper root systems. Added Iron (Fe) – important for amino acids (protein Pre-cursors), enzymes and chlorophyll synthesis. Deficit will result in chlorosis and necrosis of the plant. Contains 33% Sulphate of Ammonia – 33%BL – 33% Hoof & Horn. Supplied as a powder suitable for fine turf applications.

Application Rate 35 – 70Kg/1000m2 – (350 -700kg/Ha)


TE 4755P – TE8:0:0

Sand based dressing plus organic nutrients for establishment of healthy strong roots and top growth, helps reduce stress caused by adverse weather and growing conditions. Contains 50% dried Blood & 50% Hoof & Horn. Supplied as a powder suitable for fine turf applications.

Application Rate 35 – 70Kg/1000m2 – (350 -700kg/Ha)


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