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Landscape and Gardening Products

Landscape and Gardening Products

TE 4800M - Weed Feed & Moss Killer (New) TE-10:2:1.7 + 8Fe + 2,4D + Dicamba + Mecoprop P.

MAPP 19064 licence – Mini-granular (1.5 to 3mm) size supplied in 20kg bags.  New formula Weed N feed plus Moss-killer, mini granule fertiliser (1.5 to 3.0 mm size), application rate of 35gms/m2 (571m2 per bag). Recommended maximum of 2 applications per annum.

Application Rate 35 – 50Kg/1000m2 – (350 -500kg/Ha)


TE 3978G – TE 11-5-5

Simple balanced homogeneous Spring & Summer Mini-granular fertiliser 1.5 to 3mm granule size, often used where no detailed soil analysis is available.

Application Rate – 35 – 50kg/1000m2 (350 – 500Kg/Ha)


TE 3969G – TE 3:10:5

Autumn & Winter mini-granule Fertiliser with granule sizes of 1 to 3mm, ideal for where soil analysis indicate that Phosphorus (P) levels are Low. – Important for root development, photosynthesis, plant respiration and general plant growth. Unlike Nitrogen Phosphorus is not susceptible to leaching it being stable in the soil, access to the plant is via the roots.

Application Rate – 35 – 50kg/1000m2 (350 – 500Kg/Ha)


TE 4025P – TE-3.5:0:0 +3.6Fe Lawn Sand.

Stimulates both top and root growth, increases resistance to disease and physical damage to the sword. Supplied as a powder suitable for fine turf, outfield areas and for winter games pitches

Application Rate – 60-70 g/m2


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